the ocean view club

how to book your stay


the reservation process

The reservation process is simple. Check out our Availability Calandar here and email to confirm our availability. Please do expect a small delay of a day or two before receiving a response,  but if patience isn't your strong suit you can call  reservations at 242 333 2276 between 9am and 4pm each weekday for more immediate information.  

Assuming that we are able to accommodate you will be required to pay a 50% deposit unless your reservation is less than 30 days away in which case you will need to provide payment in full. 


the cancellation policy

You can cancel at any time but we will not refund your deposit if you cancel within 60 days of your reservation. In addition if you cancel within 30 days of your reservation you will be liable for the full amount of your booking.  We may return a deposit if we are able to replace your reservation with a another booking of similar value.